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Winter Break 2020: December 19 - January 03

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Please be aware that all teachers and staff are off for Winter Break from December 19-January 3.  All courses will remain accessible, but no marking will take place, and tests will not be supervised during this time.


Teacher Support -June 24 - September 8 2020

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This announcement is a reminder that there will be no teacher support available in August.  You are welcome to continue working through your course work; however, teachers will not be marking your submitted work until the beginning of September (8th).  If you are enrolled in a course that you absolutely need for graduation or for entrance into a University program, please contact Mrs. Seafoot at

Thank you and have a great August!

Please note that a recent Chrome update has impacted many users' ability to open pdf files (Learning Guides, Projects, Readings...etc) within Chrome.

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Fix Chrome pdf issue

Fixing Chrome to Open pdf's (Learning Guides and Projects)
Step 1:  When in Chrome, click menu (3 dots in top right), then click on Settings.
Step 2:  From within "You and Google" click on "Sync and Google services."
Step 3:  Scroll down to "Other Google services" and turn OFF "Make searches and browsing better"

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