The cut off for the Term 2 marks will be January 14, 2020.  Any assignments or tests completed after this date will not be represented for your Term 2 report card mark.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Gremaud at

Please note that you will need to email the teacher to get the unit test passwords.  Please also note that when you are ready to write your Mid-term and Final Exam you will need to organize a teacher to supervise you while you write the test.  The instructor will be emailing the supervising teacher, not you, the Mid-term and Final Exam passwords.  If you have trouble finding a teacher to supervise your exams, please email your instructor and he will try to locate someone to supervise your exams for you.

Below is a link to some Youtube instructional videos by Tony Bell that may provide clarification on various accounting topics.  If you are having problems with an assignment, please scroll through the list of Tony Bell's videos and review the appropriate video at this Youtube link: Tony Bell's Financial Accounting Videos Link

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